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So How Do The Ultimate Applicators (Body Wraps) Work?

Select herbs provide nutrients that penetrate cell walls and cause the lipids (fatty materials) inside the cells to be released into the lymphatic system. The fat is then circulated naturally and carried out through the normal elimination process of the body, resulting in natural and permanent inch loss (not temporary compression or water loss).

The Applicators don't work by making you sweat out water (dehydration or water compression). Again, the Applicators actually help to release fat, not lose water. (Water loss can be dangerous!)

We encourage you to DRINK lots of water to ASSIST flushing your body of excess fatty material. All of us have fat cells. It's the state of these fat cells that counts. They can expand and they can shrink. When you diet or work out, you don't lose fat cells; you lose the "subcutaneous fat" inside the cell.
The Applicator’s natural ingredients help to saturate the wall of the cell and work to release accumulated subcutaneous fat inside the cell (osmosis action). The excess substance liquefied by the herbs goes through blood circulation to the lymph system to excrete from the body. This is a normal excretion action that cleanses the excessive fatty substance from the body, and the excess material is flushed out through the lymphatic system, your normal elimination processes.
Your skin is your largest living and BREATHING organ of your body. Harmful air pollution, smoking, harmful ingredients from lotions, soaps, perfumes, dangerous cleaning chemicals, UV rays, and even the wind assault your body. Harmful chemicals get trapped in our fat cells. It benefits us to clean our body INSIDE and OUT by using The Applicator Cosmetic System. By shrinking your fat cells and reducing inches, you benefit from a more toxic-free body.

So in summary, our wraps are not a diuretic (like the water pills and products that give you very temporary results). They help you for the long term. The wraps require no disrobing and can be worn all day if you desire; they feel very can wrap your thighs, bum, back, arms, tummy, breasts (yes), and we even have chin and facial applicators.

The results are seen after 45 minutes, continue to work on your body for 72hrs, and can last up to 2-6 month and longer if you use the applicators in conjunction with a good diet and exercise regime. 


Focus On You, the country’s only home-based prescription eyewear franchise, continues to go from strength to strength.

The latest development for the company is that its franchisees can now accept Eyecare vouchers in full or part payment for new eyewear.

This broadens enormously the potential corporate customer base for Focus On You business owners as many companies throughout the UK offer their employees eyewear vouchers as part of their employment package.

Employers save time as franchisees take their range into the workplace setting up in a canteen or rest area. Staff can then pop in at their convenience and enjoy trying on new frames at their leisure, often with the help of friends or colleagues.

Employees find they get a lot more for their money as Focus On You top quality frames are glazed to individual prescriptions from a full range of lens options, at prices up to 40% lower than on the high street.

For further information about Focus On You, please contact Peter Bartholomew on 01202 475035, email or visit the website where you can also see our latest newsletter.


liz and christine

Every now and again someone comes up with a new idea that is so simple, it just works. Being lucky enough to be there at the time, and in a position to capitalise on it is extremely rare. However, that is exactly the case with 'Focus On You', a brand new franchise that revolutionises the way we purchase our prescription eyewear.

The Focus On You franchise is designed with one major goal in mind - to transform the experience of purchasing eyewear, making it something to look forward to.

Franchisees will have a selection of around 120 designer frames that have been carefully selected for their style, elegance, and shape. There is something for everyone.

The perfect franchisee is a people lover. Supported by the Focus on You comprehensive Franchise Package ( they will network and set up events - perhaps in people's homes, in the workplace, at the gym, in hotels - where guests are invited to try on the frames in the company of friends, family or colleagues. Franchisees can even arrange a one to one consultation if required.

For many, this will be a revelation as they find a trip to the optician only marginally better than a trip to the dentist. Traditionally the eye examination comes first and then, more often than not, the hunt to try to find the 'right' pair of glasses begins.

Nine times out of ten the new eyewear is chosen immediately after the eye test. Buyers are often on their own, uncertain of their choices, feel self-conscious about trying on new styles in front of people that don't even know them and often rush into making a less than satisfactory decision.

Consider the difference when you purchase a new outfit. How many ladies take their husbands, partners, best friends, sisters etc along with them to help them choose - particularly if it is for a special occasion? And then there are the finishing touches - shoes, handbag, hat, gloves and/or jewellery. That outfit is usually bought for just one special occasion.

Eyewear, by contrast, might be worn every day for two years.

Previous events have shown that people absolutely love the 'Focus On You' concept. In the company of friends and people they have great fun trying on styles that they may never previously have considered. With the input and affirmation of those around them buying decisions are made with absolute confidence. And this has led to many buying more than one pair!

Clients start to see the eyewear more and more as a fashion accessory - it's nice to have different styles to wear at different times. And with prices on average 40% below high street opticians, they are also confident that they are getting an absolute bargain.

In recent years there has been a movement in optical trends with some spectacle wearers now purchasing direct from the internet. This has begun to educate the public to realise that they are under absolutely no obligation to purchase their new frames at the same time as their test. They have paid for a test so they simply need to ask for a copy of it. It's free.

All the client needs to do to order the eyewear is chose the frame(s) which works for them, give a copy of the prescription (this needs to have been carried out within the last 18 months) to their Focus on You Franchisee. That's it, the Focus on You team do the rest. The client's new eyewear is glazed in UK-based state of the art optical facilities and usually returned within five working days. A full range of lenses including varifocals and Transitions is available.

For further information on the Focus On You franchise call Peter Bartholomew or Debbie Shepherd on 01202 475035

An innovative south coast optical company is setting its sights on expansion with its first franchise in Southampton. Click here to find out more: Daily Echo 12th October 2009


Focus on You is showcasing its unique retail approach to designer eyewear at the Thames Valley Franchise Show, on September 10 and 11.

Focus is offering franchise opportunities across the UK, and is joining some 40 other exhibitors at the high profile show which is being held at the Madejski Stadium in Reading.

The exhibitions have been running to great acclaim within the franchise industry for the last two years, with events so far in 2009 held in Leicester, Leeds and Southampton.

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An event held at Curves women-only gym in Christchurch in partnership with House of Colour, saw more than 40 guests discover the Focus on You experience.

Guests learnt first hand about the innovative approach to spectacle choosing and buying, and eagerly tried on frames with feedback from friends.

Photo shows Sue Morton and Sarah Copestick enjoying the tactile process.


AN ENTREPRENEUR is set to challenge the traditional approach of the UK’s biggest eyewear retailers, with a revolutionary way to buy spectacles.

Focus On You is taking eyewear selection and purchase into people’s homes, leisure clubs and work places, in a deliberate move away from the high street and online.

Focus MD Peter Bartholomew says consumers are disillusioned with the traditional retail experience and are calling out for this new approach.

“Yes some people may see this as a David & Goliath battle but we believe we have the vision to remove the stress and impersonality from eyewear selection, and make this business a success,” he said.

“Our research shows some consumers feel pressured or rushed into buying spectacles. What better way therefore than to have friends and family helping you, in a relaxed, fun and familiar environment?”

Peter’s credentials are excellent, following nearly three decades experience in the eyewear industry as MD and principal shareholder at Bolle UK Ltd in Verwood.

As the distribution arm of French parent company Bolle, during his time at the helm Peter boosted the firm’s annual British turnover from £65,000 to more than £5 million.

He also expanded the company to include ownership of its own manufacturing laboratory.

Christchurch-based Focus offers more than 100 designer frames and spectacle accessories, but presented to consumers at venues of their choice with family members, friends or colleagues providing feedback to enhance consumer satisfaction.

The UK’s ophthalmic industry is worth £2.75b to the economy.

Following a Competition Commission investigation and legislative changes, consumers own their eyewear prescriptions and are under no legal obligation to buy in the shop where their eyes were tested.

Peter says his Eureka moment for Focus occurred when choosing his own spectacles.

“It was a disappointing process,” he said.

Focus employs specialists to give eyewear support.


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